Workshop Basics Of Photography

This workshop is for starters, people who are interested in more than the camera in their smartphone and have no clue as to what photography is all about. This workshop gives you an insight in what all means and possibly in the choice to make when you are going for your first camera. You will learn the first things to know and control your camera for fine looking first results. However... you will not get an advice as to which brand and type yours is to be. But in your search you will now understand what is and isn't in the box and if that will suit your first needs.

(entry level: starter)
Learn to:

  • 1 Equipment
  • 2 Aperture
  • 3 Shutterspeed
  • 4 ISO
  • 5 Focallenghts
  • 6 JPG vs RAW
  • 7 Colorspace
  • 8 Flash
  • 9 Tripod

Download the old Dutch version here