So... what else is new?

17-02-2019: Setting up the studio for the 3 march shoot and changing layout and colours of the website. Re-learning to think hexadecimal for the the colour schemes.

09-02-2019: Constructing QR codes for several quick connects by smartphone to designated pages. Added page with info on modelling for me.

05-02-2019: Split the Aurora album into trips. This makes tracing an image easier and it makes the album less massive. 2014 however has an issue on uploading so I have to work that. Until then just enjoy what came through.

04-02-2019: added info for novices on equipment and settings for Aurora photography

31-01-2019: shot the Moon with Venus and Mercury on both sides and placed it in the album Coincidental.

29-01-2019: Today I added the travelshop where images produced during a trip are for sale with a discount for people I meet on the road. Later on when back home these images will move to the regular shop.

27-01-2019: added links to the links menu

25-01-2019: added a VIP space. Added secure connection.

24-01-2019: Added Links in the main menu, added album Huskies to Finland.

23-01-2019: Added albums Delfshaven, Clouds, Sunsets and Rovinj, Angela, Dragica Janeka, Other Portraits and protected albums Roosmarijn and Other Nudes. Removed menu item Special Projects.

22-01-2019: Added 2 more portrait albums, an erotic album, an album of other weddingshots and some straightning out copyrights. Removed the "full set" option from the Galleries menu.

21-01-2019: Added the travelpage of Florida and STS-132, the city pages Middelburg and Düren and the protected page Nude at home. Also corrected the price of the 2000pcs puzzle and working on a Dutch and a European delivery fee for the sales.

17-01-2019: The shop progresses nicely. Puzzles of 1000 and 2000 pieces have been added. Also size ratio info in the thumbnail and on the presentationpage has been added. Stil working out prices of postage for some things like within The Netherlands and Europe. Next week I will continu expanding in publications.

15-01-2019: The shop is filled with images but the data is behind. Working on that issue to get it over from the database. And succeeded in that! Each image is accompanied by its available size ratio which is found in the cart.

09-01-2019: my website is up and running and the first 4 items have added to the shop which has been activated tonight.

04-01-2019: phase 2 started tonight with adapting the Lightroom implementation on my desktop and executing the first albumpublication: "aviation". Finetuned the publication and the menu on this album.

27-12-2018: started construction of the 2019 (this) website in Backlight 2 from The Turning Gate. Cool stuff that incorporates the workflow in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. Very easy to use, extremely well supported by its producers and also very well to use on my (somewhat bigger) smartphone with UHD screen.